January 12, 2010

Make Your Own Personal Race Amazing: Phil Keoghan

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by Roger Brooks

Phil Keoghan is a risk taker. The seven-time Emmy-winning host and producer of The Amazing Race has explored the deepest underwater caves, set a world bungee-jumping record and eaten dinner atop an erupting volcano. But it was a brush with death while preparing to shoot an underwater documentary in New Zealand that forever changed his outlook on life. Here’s what he learned about life and risk:

Write out a list of everything you hope to accomplish in life. Believe in and commit to maximizing every second and not taking life for granted.

Overcome your fear. “Train yourself to take calculated risks; stretch your mind to embrace what you fear the most so that life’s challenges don’t seem that great,” Keoghan says.

Practice. “People become very good at what they practice. But avoid becoming lost as a result of a pessimistic view. If you practice building a ‘wall of no’ up in front of everything you’re trying to do, you’ll be very good at building that wall.”

Ask yourself: What would I regret not doing? “That takes a lot of soul-searching. It’s not something you just sit down and do. What gets you excited? What would you pay to do? If you’re doing a job that you would pay to do, surely you’ve arrived somewhere good.”

Read more from the exclusive interview with Phil Keoghan…


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