May 9, 2010

Let the Seeds Grow

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:00 PM by lanaholt

by Chris Widener

The thought that every great thing that has ever happened, been spoken or invented began first with a single idea is not a new one, but it’s one I don’t think many people have taken to heart.

I find that many people are constantly getting ideas. That is, their mind is producing many new thoughts on a regular basis. This is incredible, because that means that the seeds for great things are right there in the soil of our minds and hearts.

Unfortunately, we all too often do not let those seeds grow. Instead, we dismiss the idea. We will never know, but I wonder who it was that first thought of the light bulb, but dismissed the idea. I wonder who it was that first saw the automobile in their mind’s eye, but dismissed the idea. Who was it that thought up the way to run computers but allowed the seed to slip away?

Let these seeds grow! Do not dismiss any idea as a bad one immediately. Write your ideas down. Look at them for a week or a year. Brew over them. Consider them. Let them grow. In the end, you may need to dismiss them, but not before you give them a chance to grow into something incredible that may change your life, your family, your business, your community or your world. If you let your ideas grow, you will surely see many great things happen in your life.

Let your seeds of ideas grow-see what they may become!


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