September 18, 2010

Vote for the next Zumba Song to Retire

Posted in Zumba Playlist at 11:07 PM by lanaholt

Here’s the latest playlist. It can vary by one song each week. I usually retire the oldest song, but since many of you have wanted to keep a particular song longer, I’ve created a poll. Click here to pick the song to retire!

Current Playlist as of 9/17/2010
When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) (Zumba Warm Up Basic 100819)    David Guetta
Bad Girls (Zumba Warm Up Toning 100916)    Donna Summer
I Just Want to Be Happy (Zumba Warmup Cardio 100902)
Merehop (Merengue) (100909)    Zumba Volume 21
My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) (Zumba 100805)    3OH!3
Meniando La Pera (Reggaeton) (100830)    Zumba Volume 09
Outta Your Mind (Zumba 100819)    Lil Jon & LMFAO
El Twist De La Muñequita (100903)    Zumba Volume 05
Quimbara – Salsa (100916)    Zumba Volume 12
Sopa De Caracol – punta/merengue (100701)    Zumba Volume 14
Arabian Myth (Belly Dance) 100712    Zumba Volume 26
Marjaani Marjaani Kasame (Zumba 100708)    Sunidhi Chauhan, Sukhwinder Singh & Pritam
Dynamite (Zumba 100819)    Taio Cruz
Dancing Queen (Zumba Cooldown 100910)    ABBA


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