September 21, 2010

Lose 5 in 3 Days! Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse!

Posted in Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Shakeology tagged , , , at 6:49 PM by lanaholt

Too good to be true? Try a healthy cleanse that won’t leave your body lacking nutrients.

We know we have to work out to keep fit, but how much thought do we put into our diets & balanced nutrition? Who has time to calculate and figure out every aspect so our diets so they are perfectly balanced? This short informational session will explain how simple it is for us to get all the nutrition we need for our challenging daily lives in 1 simple 140 calorie shake.

If you have not already heard about Shakeology, please join me at my house to sample the most delicious 140 calorie ultra premium shake you have ever tasted. Learn about how it contains all your fruits, vegetables, prebiotics, and more. I will briefly discuss the amazing benefits of drinking this delicious treat everyday and how to use the cleanse to detoxify your body and as a result drop unhealthy weight.

Each attendee will walk away with a sample bag and 1 lucky person will win a wonderful door prize! Don’t miss out! It’s a Shakeology PARTY!

12PM – 1PM

Please feel free to invite a friend or two or three. =]

Register Here:


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