October 13, 2010

Some Diet Decisions Have a Bigger Impact on Your Health Than Others

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from Tesh.com

Some bad diet decisions will send you back to square one, while others are only minor set-backs. Here’s how to tell which is which from the experts at Fitness magazine:

* First bad decision: pigging out at midnight. This is bad, but not a total game-changer. Nutritionist Robert Pastore, says eating late at night makes your body produce more of the hormone, cortisol, which keeps you awake and causes weight gain. Your metabolic rhythms go back to normal after about 72 hours. To keep from getting the midnight munchies altogether, don’t skip meals. That’s what makes you ravenous at night.

* The wrong workout shoe will also set back your health goals. If you’re wearing cross-trainers to run, your feet are taking a beating. The American Academy of Podiatric Medicine says cross-trainers don’t have enough cushion for running and you could be setting yourself up for a range of lower body injuries. So ask the guys at the local sporting goods store to help you get the right shoe for your workout.

* Another bad health decision: putting cream in your coffee. Cream has six times the amount of fat as regular milk. Just two tablespoons of cream a day will add six pounds of fat to your body in just one year. Don’t swap it for the non-dairy creamer. That stuff’s full of trans-fats which are linked to heart-disease. Instead switch to skim milk. It’s rich in vitamins A, B and D but doesn’t have all the fat and calories.

* By far the worst diet decision you can make is skipping breakfast. Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to be overweight, have higher cholesterol and have an increased risk of getting diabetes. Not to mention being grouchy, sluggish and more likely to overindulge at other meals. Ideally your breakfast should be a healthy mix of carbs, proteins and fats, like a veggie omelet with whole-grain toast. If that’s not doable, just throw some yogurt, berries and a banana into the blender for a nutritionally sound breakfast that you can slurp on your way to work.


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