April 1, 2011

How Can I Get Flat Abs?

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How Can I Get Flat Abs? from lanaholt on Vimeo.

I get asked how do I get rid of this, while someone is pointing at their stomach all the time, as if I have a magic pill that will make it disappear. Not everyone can have 6 pack abs, genetics and gender plays a major part in where your fat distribution is. Plus, we seem to focus on the way our abs look and not the fact that excess belly fat is hazardous to our health.

The health risks associated with excessive belly fat are:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Low high-density cholesterol (HDL – the good one)
  • Higher triglycerides (blood fats)
  • Higher risk for metabolic syndrome

So what do we do to get rid of belly fat? I think you already know. It’s not magic.

First you need to know your weight and waist measurements. Do you need to lose weight? Are your waist measurements in the higher risk categories? For a lot of the population this is a resounding yes.

So, first we need to cut calories. In general we eat more than we think we do. Commit to a food diary with strict measurement of your intake to get a good idea of where you are at. This will also show if your diet is balanced and how much you are snacking. This is a chance to add more fruits and vegetable into your diet and cut out junk food.

Then, we need to workout. You cannot spot reduce. If you want to get rid of fat, you are going to need to do cardiovascular exercises as well as strength training. You need to burn calories. Yes, you can work your abdominal muscles to tone and strengthen them. But, if all you do is ab exercises and no other workouts, you will have very strong, tone abs under a layer of fat.

You need to relax. Inability to relax and handle stress is directly related to cortisol levels in the body and the amount of belly fat on an individual. Take yoga, go back to church, take a walk during breaks at work, whatever you need to do to unwind.

These strategies will get you on your way to reducing belly fat, which will decrease your health risks and lead to a more healthy balanced life. I will address 6 pack abs in another video. Please LIKE my page on Facebook, this is Coach Lana, and I’m out. =] http://facebook.com/coachlana



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