May 3, 2011

I’m Too Busy To Workout. How Do I Fit Workouts Into My Busy Schedule?

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I’m Too Busy To Workout. How Do I Fit Workouts Into My Busy Schedule? from lanaholt on Vimeo.

I’m having a crazy day and I’m ready for it. I planned it all out the day before because I knew it would be hectic. This made me think about time management and fitness. How in the world do the busiest people do it? Guess what we are all the busiest people. No matter how busy you get, you can always be busier. So, I’m here to offer a couple tips on how I manage my time and how some of the busiest people I know manage theirs.

Grouping: Part of your life is set to a schedule. You may go to the same place for work, you pick your kids up from the same school, you go to the same church each week, etc. What stores, dry cleaners, car washes, etc. are around these locations that you can group. When you pick the kids up from school, pick up the dry cleaning, head to the store, clean the car. They will get a good lesson on how busy mommy or daddy is. I group my grocery shopping around my fitness teaching schedule. I’ll look at my week and what the fridge looks like and say, hmmm? I need to go to Trader Joes. Well, I teach near Trader Joes on Wednesday, so that is when I will go there. Oh, there is a gas station there also, good time to fill up.  These are just examples, but I hope you get the idea. A little planning now will save you a lot of time later and then it will be easier to fit in that 15-30 minute workout you keep saying you don’t have time for.

Spacing: Another technique I use, I call spacing. It’s a lot like grouping, because it has to do with where do you have to be. Sometimes I don’t want to do 100 things at one time, so I will just plan a couple items each day around where I’m going to be. Wednesday I’m near Trader Joes, Thursday I’m near the gas station, Friday I’m near the car wash. I space the tasks out but still focus on where I have to be. So, no extra trips that waste my time.

Think about it. How much time could you save if you planned your week better? A friend wants to meet for lunch. Pick a place near the car wash, drop it off, get lunch and viola, clean car afterwards. It’s like a game! You get more points (minutes) the better you get at it! And you can redeem these points doing stress relieving, cholesterol lowering, fat burning, heart strengthening, blood pressure lowering exercise! What a bonus!

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