May 6, 2011

Body Gospel Day 5: Body Revival

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Body Gospel Day 5: Body Revival from lanaholt on Vimeo.

Today’s workout was Body Revival. I took it easy today because I had to squeeze the workout in after I ate a meal. I did not want to lose my food, but I had to eat since I needed to teach a class the same night. I still broke a sweat even though I took it very low impact and I could feel my core muscles working. Yeah!

As I was reading the journal I almost started to cry and I really didn’t know why, I suppose God was trying to tell me something. The devotional for today said “Lord, I know that what you care about most is my inward health, but I also know that I must become physically healthy in order to complete my spiritual wholeness. I am so blessed to know that you love me not for how I look, but for who I am.” Sometimes it’s hard for us to accept that. God loves us no matter what.

The scripture for today was 1 Samuel 16:7 — “For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord look on the heart.” Good to know and remember.

Would you like to start a Body Gospel Fit Club at your church? Let me know and I’ll help you start it. You can contact me through my website at

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