May 19, 2011

How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time: Start Small, Get Educated

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How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time: Start Small, Get Educated from lanaholt on Vimeo.

How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time: Start Small, Get Educated

The most overlooked part of a fitness program is the diet. 80% of your success at getting fit and staying fit is related to your diet. We think if we workout hard we can eat whatever we want and some younger people are blessed with crazy metabolisms that allow them to do that for a number of years. But reality starts to set in either in the early 30’s, 40’s or even sooner. Bottom line, even if you have a fast metabolism, you are hurting your body at the cellular level by eating unhealthy. Do we even need to talk about cancer, dementia, diabetes, etc.? More and more diseases and ailments are being linked back to diet in one way or another.

Changing your diet can feel like an overwhelming task if you think it’s all or nothing. I find that most successful people are the ones that take it one step at a time. So, think to yourself, “What is one thing I can change to eat healthier?” If you are at a loss, because you’re not sure what to do, I would recommend signing up for a fitness newsletter, so you can stay informed. It won’t take too much time to scan the headlines and read the short articles on nutritional topics. Of course I would suggest you sign up for a free membership to my site at Choose Join then Free Membership. There are tons of nutritional articles. Also and have great resources too. There are thousands of sites.  So that is step one, start reading.  Step two is to choose something. Some examples could be: use half as much sugar or cream in your coffee, eat one more serving of fruits and/or vegetables a day that you are now, choose organic products, cut down on the number of times you eat at fast food restaurants each week, remove one processed food item from your diet this week. The list can go on and on. The most important thing is to just do something, stick to it and once you master it, choose another. Keep plugging away one week or month at a time.

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