May 25, 2011

Banish Frozen Processed Foods: How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time

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Banish Frozen Processed Foods: How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time from lanaholt on Vimeo.

How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time: Banish Frozen Processed Foods

From my previous videos we already know that the most overlooked part of a fitness program is the diet. 80% of your success at getting fit and staying fit is related to your diet.

Unless you workout at a professional athlete level, you have to have some self control concerning  your diet. This does not have to be an overwhelming task. Take on one challenge at a time. I’m here to suggest cutting out unhealthy, empty calories like processed frozen foods.

Seriously, I’ve never tasted a Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice-type meal that I’ve really enjoyed. It’s more like I tolerated it because I felt like I had no choice. We have choices. We can choose to eat highly processed fake foods or eat nutritious whole foods that our bodies crave. Why can’t we get satisfaction from these empty calorie food popsicles? They lack the nutrients our bodies need and are filled with chemicals and loaded with salt.

Are you addicted? Feel a little overwhelmed at changing cold turkey. Try this. Count how many frozen processed meals you eat a week. During week 1 change 1 meal out, during week 2, change 2 meals out, etc.

Now, what do you change them to? This does take some planning. Try this. Make some homemade lasagna. Cut it up into lunch/dinner sized portions. Put them in individual containers and freeze them or refrigerate if you think you will consume them fast enough.

Bottom line is try to find organic, whole food choices that you can make into big dishes that you chop up into smaller ones to replace the frozen chemical meals. Not only will you be giving your body the nutrients it need, but you will feel better.

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