May 31, 2011

Go Organic – Changing Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time

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Go Organic – How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time from lanaholt on Vimeo.

How to Change Your Eating Habits One Step at a Time: Go Organic

From my previous videos we already know that the most overlooked part of a fitness program is the diet. 80% of your success at getting healthy and staying healthy is related to your diet.

One small step you can take towards being healthier is going organic. If you don’t already eat organic it can sound like the trend of the month and I felt that way too. But, the more I educated myself about how my food was processed the more I was convinced this is the way to go. Bottom line is that old saying “garbage in garbage out.” So, let’s start with fruits and vegetables. Industrial over farming has made our fruits and vegetables less nutritious than they used to be. Plus, many people are developing medical conditions from the chemicals used on our food. If we want to get the benefits of all positive changes we are making to our diets, then really make them count, by eating fruits and vegetables that are grown on responsible farms without the unnecessary chemicals. Now, for those of you that are meat eaters, lets go up the food chain. Organic meat is the same idea. Most organic meat is raised on responsible, clean ranches. The animals have access to outside grazing and the farmers rotate the crops to ensure proper use of the soil. The soil matters. Industrial ranches and farms have to use chemical fertilizers to try to put nutrition into the soil because it’s gone. The ground has been overused. Crop rotation ensures the nutrients are still available for our foods to absorb.

So besides the fact that organic foods have more nutrients for our bodies, you can taste the difference when eating organic. It’s like night and day. If you love to cook and you love food, you need to go organic. Really taste your food for once.

I do realize it can be hard to change everything all at once. But, just as I have said before in other articles, take it one step at a time. Keep your eyes open when you are shopping and choose organic when you have a choice. Be adventurous and find more organic options; try a new market, got to a farmers market and find out what your options are in your own neighborhood.

So, there’s my 2 cents. I hope you found it interesting.

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