August 3, 2011

Relaxation Helps You Improve Your Health, Physically and Mentally

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Relaxation Helps You Improve Your Health, Physically and Mentally from lanaholt on Vimeo.

Relaxation techniques help you reduce stress and live a happier healthier life.

Anyone can learn to relax, it just takes time and concentration. Learning relaxation techniques help you: slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, slow your breathing rate, increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce muscle tension, reduce chronic pain, improve concentration, reduce anger and frustration, boost confidence to handle problems, and help you sleep better.

There are several types of relaxation techniques. Here are just a few:

Meditation or concentration. In this technique you focus on something. It can be the flow of your breath in and out of your lungs, thinking about making the breathing slower and slower each time. Or you can repeat a calming word over and over again.  You would usually find a peaceful place where you can block out any distractions.

Progressive muscle relaxation. In this technique you learn what the difference is between tense and relaxed muscles. You can work your way up or down your body, tensing each body part for a few seconds the breathing relaxation into it. It works especially well when you work through parts of the body that hold the most tension like the neck, shoulders and back.

Visualization. In this technique, you imagine or visualize a calming image. It can be a place or an image that helps you concentrate and relax. The more of your five senses you can bring into the exercise the more real it becomes and the more relaxation you can feel. For example, if you visualize a beach, you should smell the salt air, feel the mist from the waves, hear the crashing waves, and see the beautiful water.

Relaxation techniques take practice so be patient with yourself if you find it hard to concentrate on your first try. Continued repetition will make it easier each time and it will become second nature. Try adding a few minutes of relaxation into your daily workout routine for better mental as well as physical health today.

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  1. sisi said,

    I liked your relaxation video. . Beside your Bruce Lee technique of stress free style and the crazy eye,
    The tone of your voice is great for relaxation and meditation techniques.

    As always Thank you!


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