September 14, 2011

How To Add Life Giving Water To Your Day

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We’ve all heard about how important it is to drink water.  Our bodies need it to function correctly, so that we have energy, to clean out our kidneys, to be able to go to the bathroom, yes, I said it, and so that our skin looks healthy and young. But, how do we add more water to our day. Here are a few quick tips. I’m sure you can find lots more if you try.

1.    Start your day with a cup of water. It will help wake you up and most of us wake up dehydrated after 6-8 hours of sleep. You will feel refreshed and ready to attack the day.

2.    Chop up peaches, pears, apricots, lime, lemon, whatever you like and put in a large pitcher with ice and water. Serve immediately or store in fridge for the day. A great low calorie refreshing drink.

3.    Drink a low caffeine, not decaffeinated, tea like white tea hot or over ice. So this is a personal pet peeve. I try to avoid processed foods and chemicals when I can. So, I gave up my decaf coffee for a low caffeine white tea. Either way you get water. So, it’s really up to you.

4.    Keep a water bottle on your desk and sip often. Convenience is key.

5.    Eat more fruit. Fruit has a high water content and you will get vitamins, minerals, and fiber too!

6.    Eat low sodium light soup. You can get water from your foods too.

7.    Bring a water bottle to your workouts. Sip often and be sure to drink a lot afterwards so you can wash the toxins out of your body.

Note you can drink too much water. So, be aware of how you feel and always listen to your doctor if you have any special medical conditions. But, the fact of the matter is, most of us don’t get enough and water is like air, we need it. So, give your body what it needs and you will feel refreshed, energized and ready to go.

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