September 30, 2011

Why Am I Eating When I’m Not Hungry?

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Why Am I Eating When I’m Not Hungry?

Every now and then we catch ourselves munching mindlessly when we are not hungry. Yikes! Do this often enough and we can really pack on the pounds.

Here are a few situations that may sound familiar and 1 or 2 ways to cope.

The Mood Hits…

You like to celebrate with food or you like to soothe with food. If food is the center of every happy, sad, angry moment, it’s good to stop and identify that. Keeping a food journal and identify your feelings around each meal may help stop you in your tracks. Once you are aware, you can figure out ways to combat it. Call a friend when you’re sad, do a rigorous workout when you’re mad, etc. Find what works for you.

I’m Bored!

Your hands and mind want to keep busy and they may be doing that by picking up Cheetos. Try finding something mindful to occupy your time. What types of activities have you been  wanting to try or is there something you want to learn? How about reading a gripping novel or starting a blog?

Everyone Else is Eating!

You are out with family and friends, the conversation is great and the food is flowing. You don’t have to eat every single thing. Yup, that is true. Don’t let the hand reach too many times. Check in with how you are feeling. Are you full? Then just enjoy hanging out.

If I See It I Will Eat It!

Food in plain sight can be so hard to resist. Our eyes trigger us to want it. Here’s  a couple things to keep those treats out of sight. If you buy treats, store them high up and away from plain view. When you are at a party or event, hang out away from the treats or have your back to them. Also, keep healthy foods out where you can see them.

It’s Party Time!

There’s always an event with lots of yummy food! Keep it in perspective; the event is about the people, not the food. You don’t have to indulge. If you can’t resist diving in, you may want to avoid the event or bring a healthy alternative to munch on.

I Can’t Say No!

If you have a hard time saying no to food that is being pushed on you, you can try “I’m not hungry,” “I’m watching my weight,” or any number of similar reasons. If that still does not work, see if you can split it with someone else or just take a small bite and get rid of the rest.

I’m Tired.

It’s tempting to reach for a sugary treat when we are feeling that afternoon lull. But, it will lead to a later afternoon crash. See if all you need is a little movement. Walk around the office or take a quick trip outdoors in the sunlight. You may be dehydrated, drink some refreshing water or eat a juicy piece of fruit.

What About The Starving Kids In Africa?

Do you feel like you have to clean your plate? Guess what? We live in a wonderful time full of refrigerators and to go containers. It’s OK to take some food home and have them for leftovers later. Eat slowly and gauge your appetite often.

This is certainly not an all inclusive list. But, I hope these few topics got you thinking. It’s just my 2 cents.

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