July 16, 2012

A Day with Richard Simmons! The Best Day Ever!

Posted in Exercise, Fitness, Workout at 7:12 AM by lanaholt

When I found out that July 12th was Richard Simmons’ 64th birthday, it motivated me to figure out if he still taught classes. Lo and behold he did, up in Beverly Hills. Well, that said road trip all over it. So, I asked my friend Renee if she was game and we loaded up our truck and headed for Beverly, Hills that is. Swimming pools, movie stars and the Slimmons studio. We got there waaaaaaay too early because we were afraid the place would be packed with other admirers and we did not want to risk not being able to get in. The fee was only $12 to take his class and it’s so worth it!

Richard Simmons teaches a nutritional type class prior to his fitness class. It’s a testament to him, he makes sure his students know, it’s not just exercise, you have to take control of your diet to have long term success. Also, he knows everyone’s story, he cares, he listens and connects with everyone. He makes sure every single one of his members is a success. He won’t let you fail.

His class was amazing, unforgettable. We were in that hot box like sardines, but no one cared. He taught simple, fun choreography, no cueing needed. The music was blasting and he only turned it down to yell motivations or commands like a drill sergeant. I could have kept going forever!

Once class was over, he stayed till every single person took pics, chatted with him, had him sign t-shirts and again, he talked and connected with everyone. It was an especially special moment for me. He looked me in the eyes and commented on how I moved with such joy in the class. He asked me what I did and I told him I was a fitness instructor, he smiled and said I moved like a gazelle. I teared up and got a huge hug from him. I can’t wait to go back! http://www.richardsimmons.com


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  1. He’s so tiny!

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