August 20, 2012

Easy to Advanced Travel or Office Workout

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Please be sure to check with your doctor to make sure these exercises are appropriate for you. I’m not there to monitor you and I don’t know your medical history. Workout smart. Be sure to also do a warm up, cool down and stretch as part of a safe workout. Never do any exercise that causes sharp pain.

This is a nice basic travel or office workout. Here are some of the basic details.

Basic Warm up: Marches, knee lifts, hamstrings, move arms. About 5-10 minutes.

Do 10 repetitions of each exercise below in the following order:

Squat, pushup, lunge, pushup, plie or sumo squat, pushup with side plank… repeat till you are spent. Increase time as you get more fit.

Squat: feet about hip distance apart like you are standing on skis or railroad tracks, hips press back, chest up, sit back into heals. Keep knees from pushing over toes and track knee between big toe and pinky toe.

Works your lower body.

Push Ups: Wide or narrow arms, hands out at sides even with shoulder/chest line, lower chest as low as you can and lift back up, engage abs, clench rear or tighten glutes.

Side plank option:
hand is under shoulder, straight arm but don’t lock the elbow out, hips lifted. Can be on knees instead of straight legs.

Works core, arms and some lower body

Lunges: 90/90 with knees, front knee over ankle, back knee towards ground. Keep front knee from going over toes. Front knee tracks between big and pinky toe.

Works lower body

Plie or Sumo Squat: Knees over ankles, toes out to about 45 degrees, knees track between big toe and pinky toe, tuck tail bone under, clench your glutes, engage your abs, keep knees from going over toes.

I hope you enjoy these exercises. Please let me know if you have any questions or have comments.


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