August 21, 2012

3 Ways to Get Healthier Now

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If you are trying to:

•    Kick start a workout program
•    Get over a plateau
•    Gain more energy
•    Eat healthier
•    Drop weight quickly and in a healthy, all natural manner
•    Refresh and renew your body after a vacation or holiday
•    Heal from an injury or surgery

One of the below options may be for you.

First, you need to stop whining and making excuses.

Second, join me in one of the bellow challenge groups and I will make sure you are successful.

Choice 1:  Shakeology 3 Day Kick Start

3 days of the healthiest meal of the day plus all natural, whole foods.

Choice 2: Shakeology Plus a Workout Program

30 – 90 days of Shakeology and a proven workout program with eating plan that gives results.

Choice 3: The Ultimate Reset

A 21 day total body reset. You will be eating 100% whole foods, resulting in cleaning out your body and refreshing and renewing yourself. It’s like getting a do over on your physical condition. I personally used this to recover from knee surgery.

Each choice has it’s pluses and minuses. If one of them looks interesting, email me at and we can talk. No whiners, you have to be serious about wanting to change. I will hold up my part of the bargain and I expect you to also.


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