September 12, 2012

Your Audition: How to Become a Fitness Instructor

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Your Audition: How to Become a Fitness Instructor

If you want to teach group exercise, you are probably going to have to audition to get the job. Don’t stress, with a little preparation you will be ready to shine. Any reputable club is not going to hand over their most prized possession, their members, without verifying you can handle it.

Every club has different requirements of their instructors, so it’s very important to know what is expected of you. Before you audition, try to find out what they expect from you. Do they want an introduction, a warm up, how much of the class are you going to show them, do they want to see a cool down and stretch, will you be showing 5 minutes or a whole class, will it be one on one with the manager or will you actually be leading a live class? No matter what you find out, be ready for the unexpected, roll with the punches and always have a smile on your face and a good attitude.

Practice for your audition. Try to find an experienced instructor that will help you practice. Use your friends and family as guinea pigs. Ask everyone for feedback and how you did. Be humble, take the feedback and make adjustments. If you practice on your own, try to practice in the room you will be auditioning. Make is real. Talk loud, project, smile, make eye contact with your fake class and go through your audition as if it’s really occurring.

Dress the part. If you are auditioning for a format that has logo wear or a color theme, wear it. Make sure you look camera ready. What is meant by that is full makeup, hair done perfect, outfit clean, neat and flattering. Also be sure to wear your outfit to practice in prior to the audition. You want to make sure it moves and feels right when you are teaching.

Your audition starts the minute you leave your home or work. You never know if the manager auditioning you is in the car next to you. Bring your supporting documentation and copies. Make it easy for the manager. Don’t make them have to make the copies. Supporting documents may include: copies of all your certifications and trainings, CPR card, drivers license, Social Security card, etc. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. You don’t have to check in, you just want to make sure you are not even a minute late. Treat everyone with respect and courtesy from each member you see to the front desk staff. The manager may ask the front desk what their first impression of you was.

During the audition, remember to have fun. This is just another opportunity to shine and gain experience. So no matter what happens, smile and enjoy yourself. Be lighthearted and let the small stuff go.

After the audition, thank the manager for allowing you to audition and be sure to send them a thank you note. Find out from them when they will be getting back to you and when you can follow up with them.

Once you are done, pat yourself on the back. You did it. No matter the outcome, it’s another experience under your belt.

If you have any questions about becoming a fitness instructor, please feel free to contact me


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