September 26, 2012

Dealing with Angry Face: How to Become a Fitness Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Aerobics Instructor

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Dealing with Angry Face: How to Become a Fitness Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Aerobics Instructor

Hello I’m Coach Lana and I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 1999 and I’m going to give you a few pointers to help you deal with that member in class that gives you the angry, I hate you look.

The first thing you need to get comfortable with is, it’s not all about you. When you are teaching class and most folks are smiling, hooting, hollering and having a great time, do not fixate on the one student that is giving you a weird look. Every class is going to have one or two.

Second, you have no idea what kind of day, week, month or year that person has had. It may have taken every ounce of energy to get to your class and cracking a smile is just too much to ask. Be ok with that. Plus, that may be their fitness personality. They are all business when working out. Let it go.

Third, try to connect. Make sure to look every member in the eye at least once during the class and smile. Give them a thumbs up or verbal compliment that they are doing good.

Fourth, never pressure them to smile or make noise if they do not want to. It’s ok to encourage the class as a whole to smile and make noise, but never ever single out a member. Making them insecure and uncomfortable may scare them away from working out.

Lastly, connect again. As a practice you should show up to class early and leave late so you can connect with your members. Find out their names and talk with them. What is going on in their lives? They may surprise you.

I remember a specific lady that took my classes. She was always in the front row center. Every day she scowled at me and looked like she wanted to kill me. I thought she hated me. One day after class we got to talking and she told me how much she loved my class, she was all smiles and happiness. But, when she worked out, she was all business and scowls. So, it’s not all about you or me.

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