September 27, 2012

RECIPE: Ha Ha Healthy Customized Chocolate Candy

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RECIPE: Ha Ha Healthy Customized Chocolate CandySometimes you just want some candy. You might have particular tastes or dietary concerns. It’s fun and easy to customize your yummy concoction!


Your choice of chocolate, nuts, fruit, Himalayan salt…

I used dark chocolate, raisins, currants, walnuts and Himalayan salt.


I use a toaster oven. It makes it so easy. Put aluminum foil on a toaster oven tray. Layout all ingredients evenly on tray and place chocolate on top. Put in toaster oven on 115 or less for about 10 minutes. The chocolate will melt and you can blend all the ingredients together. Then place the tray with the gooey concoction in the fridge. In about 30 minutes, you have your candy. Just lift the foil off the tray and carefully crack the chocolate off into pieces. Store in a dry container. Enjoy.


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