November 26, 2012

Foam Rolling – IT Band – Knee Injury Prevention

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The IT band or Iliotibial band runs from the hip to the knee and is crucial in stabilizing the knee during activities such as running, biking, or anything with knee joint movement. Foam rolling and myofascial release in the area of the IT band has been known to help with imbalances in the knee hip area. But it is very important to see your physician and follow their directions if you are trying to heal from an injury. IT band rolling can be used with stretching for injury prevention.

IT Band rolling technique: Ly sideways positioning the foam roller under your hip. Use your top leg with bent knee to the front of you, placing your foot flat on the floor for extra stability. You can use both hands on the floor or go to your elbows to give the wrist a break. You should have contracted abs and relax your face and shoulders to help relieve any tension during rolling. From the hip area, very slowly roll up as the foam roller rolls down the leg just above the knee. Note any particularly painful, burning areas. These are usually areas where you want to spend extra time. Let the roller press into these areas for about 10-30 seconds, depending on your comfort level. Breathe deeply and slowly, relaxing your face and shoulders. Contract your abs for extra support. You can spend about 2-4 or more minutes rolling 1 side of the body, then move onto the next when you are ready.

If you have never foam rolled, it will most likely be very uncomfortable and painful. It can feel like a burning sensation. Be kind to yourself and start slow. You don’t have to sit on a particular area long. Keep rolling gently and slowly over the whole side of the let till you are ready to focus on one area. Be patient.

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  1. Love it! Will pass onto my daughter and look into it myself too!

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