January 6, 2013

How to Eat Cleaner – Day 7 of 31 – Convenience Foods & Chemical in Our Bodies

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How to Eat Cleaner – Day 7 of 31 – Convenience Foods & Chemical in Our Bodies

Hello everyone. I’m so excited that you decided to join me in our 31 days to cleaner or healthier eating. Each one of these videos will have 1 simple concept for you to chew on. It’s your choice what you do with it. Try it for a day, a week, a month or implement for your entire life. My hope is it helps you open your mind to learning more about fueling your body more healthily.

Part of cleaning up what we eat is getting educated and alot of these videos focus on awareness. What you do with that is up to you.

We chatted a little about this in our whole foods post but convenience food is worth a little more attention.

Convenience foods are foods like pre made restaurant food, frozen food, packaged foods. Notice I did not say fast food, because a lot of people say, I don’t eat fast food and yet they eat out several times a week. I’m not saying we cannot eat out, we just need to be real about what we are doing and know what we are eating. I eat at Veggie Grill sometimes and get the Buffalo Chik’n. I’m not fooling myself into thinking its healthy. This is a chosen junk meal. Just because its Veggie Grill & it’s vegan does not make it healthy. Stop kidding yourself.

Read your label & nutritional information. If the ingredient label takes up the entire side of the box & you cannot pronounce what’s in it, do you really think you should be eating it? Too many chemicals in our bodies are manipulating our biochemistry and metabolism. It’s not just about weight loss. We are seeing chemicals being linked to diabetes, cancer, hypothyroidism, and so much more.

Start small as you make the transition away from pre packaged. Try shopping the outside aisle of the store. This is where you usually find the produce & meats. If you go pre packaged, make sure you recognize the ingredient. Are they a plant or had a mother? I said it before, start to learn to cook, make large portions you can separate into smaller & bring to work or have ready for the family. That way you are not tempted to grab the convenience foods.

Look up chemicals & find out why they are in there and what their side effects are. I recently downloaded an app Chem Cuisine by CSPI. Not all encompassing but very interesting.

I challenge you to look at every label for awhile. You’ll be surprised where you are finding extra chemicals.

Thanks for your time. This is Coach Lana and I would love for you to join me at http://facebook.com/coachlana so we can connect.


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