February 3, 2013

Stand Up Sit Down Challenge – Squat to A Longer Life & Stronger Muscles

Posted in Exercise, Fitness, Health, Healthy Habits, Healthy Living, Workout, Workout at Home tagged , at 12:06 AM by lanaholt

Thanks to a Professor in Arizona I learned about this great way to add squats to our day. Many studies show that sitting too much shortens your life. So, let’s add some squats easily to our day with the Stand Up Sit Down Challenge. Please feel free to do this for a day or a week. Our challenge is meant to be a week. It works by recording all the squats you do all day. Here is what it looks like. I decide to sit down on the couch. I sit, stand then sit down. When I decide to get back up, I stand, then sit, then stand up and do whatever I need to do. This applies to your work day too. How many extra squats are you going to add to your day?

If you would like to connect, you can find me at http://facebook.com/coachlana


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