April 17, 2013

Kinesio Taping – Why Tape & Review of Products

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I’m not taping expert. I was introduced to it by a friends husband and I’m in love with kinesio tape now. It’s like magic tape. My foot was hurting because I rolled my ankle and 1 piece of tape on it miraculously made the pain go away with no medication. I was floored.

Kinesio tape or kinesiology tape is said to stretch up to 140% it’s original length. It mimics the feel and thickness of skin. Using different stretch percentages and angles, it is said to help support the muscles and joints. Some argue that there is little benefit to taping, but many athletes and rehab patients like myself may beg to differ. I was very surprised at the instant results I felt and I was very skeptical.

Since I’m no expert I have relied on 2 very useful YouTube channels for most of the techniques I have used specifically for my foot, ankle and knee.



I’ve used 2 types of tapes so far: KT Tape and Kinesio Gold. So far my preference was the Kinesio Gold which I got from Amazon. It held better throughout my workouts, whereas the KT Tape began to come off after my workout. Both tapes were easily removed and did not hurt or leave a residue. I liked getting the colored tapes because that’s the kind of person I am.

Link to the Amazon Kinesio Tape I liked. It comes in different colors and lengths.



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