April 17, 2013

The Great Calorie Drive – How To Help Zumba Feed the Hungry

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All you have to do is dance and Zumba donates to help end world hunger. What could be easier? So, for those of you that might need a little assistance, here you go. First you need a smart phone.

1. Look for the Zumba Fitness application.

2. Find a class so you can set up your favorites and make it easier to check in each time.

3. Narrow your search to make it easier.

4. Choose the class.

5. Add the class to your Favorites for easy check in.

6. Repeat process till you add all your favorite classes to your Favorites list.

7.  Now the app will automatically ask you if you want to check in each time you go to Zumba. Share your check ins on Twitter, Facebook and with your friends.

Now, go share the app, and Zumba your butt off… Literally. =]


March 21, 2013

Get Fit For Free with Silver Sneakers – You Already Pay For It Use It

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Shoe Review – What Shoes Should I Wear for Zumba

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Why Use Zumba Toning Sticks for the Zumba Toning Aerobic Dance Workout

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Note that all the DVD Sets come with Toning Sticks, so it’s the best deal to buy the Toning Sticks as part of a DVD set. Get 10% off your Zumba DVDs & Toning sticks here:


February 10, 2013

Live a Happy Life – Learn to Love Your Body

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If You Want to Live a Happy Life – You Need to Learn to Love Your Body

Let’s get real. Most people will continue to yo yo diet if they hate themselves. You may think this is a good motivation, but I certainly don’t find self loathing motivating. If anything when I’m not feeling happy about myself, I’m more inclined to eat unhealthily.

Hating yourself is not going to help your situation if you are overweight. So, you need to just say, here I am and I’m moving forward from here. When you commit to get healthy, you have something to be happy about and something to like about yourself. You have taken a huge step forward.

Don’t torture yourself about having to lose weight. Most weight loss is a long journey. So, you should be healthy and patient. And you will learn alot of patience when you are on a fitness journey.

Also note there is a big difference between weight you need to lose for health reasons and weight you want to lose for vanity reasons. Vanity weight is usually 20 or less pounds that you want to lose so you look good in something or another. Weight you need to lose is weight you have to lose or you will suffer some health consequence like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, joint problems, and on and on.

I don’t care about your vanity weight. Sorry, not a big fan of killing it to lose 5 lbs. I do care that everyone is happy and healthy. So, if you are on this journey and want to connect, please feel free to find me on Facebook.


February 9, 2013

Your Health is Your Responsibility. Get the Information You Need.

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Once u have the info. Your health is your responsibility.

If you are trying to get healthy, do your research. Find out what are…

-organics/gmo and how do they effect you,
-chemicals, how do they effect your hormones and metabolism,
-grass fed beef, wild caught fish, how are they more nutritious and how do they effect the environment?

Not sure? Follow my 31 Days to Cleaner Eating Series on YouTube, my blog http://coachlana.blogspot.com or Vimeo. I would love to help you figure it out.

A different way to think about it is. If someone told you that you needed to accept Jesus into your heart to be saved, you have a choice. You choose to believe or not. I know, strange example, but it’s the first thing that popped into my mind, so go with me. Once you learn the effects of chemicals, you have a choice to stop eating them or keep going. Once you learn about wild caught fish, grass fed beef, free range chicken and how they effect your health and the environment, you have another choice. It’s your choice.

Your health is your choice. You reap what you sow.

Choose well. Get educated. Ignorance is not bliss & not knowing can hurt you and those around you.

Let’s connect http://facebook.com/coachlana 

February 5, 2013

Foot Yoga for Foot Health and Plantar Fasciitis

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Your feet are very important. If it wasn’t for foot yoga and stretching I would not be walking. So, I made this video to show 1 simple foot yoga routine. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Even better is try http://www.yamunabodyrolling.com/ for a great dvd and foot yoga routine. Plus other great yoga products. A little foot yoga is good for the sole.

Foot yoga routine. Place just the bottom of the heals of the feet on the floor, press into the floor, allow the edges of the feet to lower also, then the ball of the feet join the party. Place one toe at a time starting with the pinky toe, then squeeze the toes and then lift all the toes and then the balls. Begin again.

Try doing it when you wake in the morning and before you go to sleep at night to fit in a couple times a day. Foot yoga helps you isolate the muscles to strengthen and stretch your feet. You are nothing without your feet. So add this to your daily routine. If you work in an office, strip those shoes off and do it under your desk.

Thanks for watching, listening, reading. If  you want to connect, you can find me on Facebook. http://facebook.com/coachlana

February 3, 2013

Stand Up Sit Down Challenge – Squat to A Longer Life & Stronger Muscles

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Thanks to a Professor in Arizona I learned about this great way to add squats to our day. Many studies show that sitting too much shortens your life. So, let’s add some squats easily to our day with the Stand Up Sit Down Challenge. Please feel free to do this for a day or a week. Our challenge is meant to be a week. It works by recording all the squats you do all day. Here is what it looks like. I decide to sit down on the couch. I sit, stand then sit down. When I decide to get back up, I stand, then sit, then stand up and do whatever I need to do. This applies to your work day too. How many extra squats are you going to add to your day?

If you would like to connect, you can find me at http://facebook.com/coachlana

November 26, 2012

Foam Rolling – IT Band – Knee Injury Prevention

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The IT band or Iliotibial band runs from the hip to the knee and is crucial in stabilizing the knee during activities such as running, biking, or anything with knee joint movement. Foam rolling and myofascial release in the area of the IT band has been known to help with imbalances in the knee hip area. But it is very important to see your physician and follow their directions if you are trying to heal from an injury. IT band rolling can be used with stretching for injury prevention.

IT Band rolling technique: Ly sideways positioning the foam roller under your hip. Use your top leg with bent knee to the front of you, placing your foot flat on the floor for extra stability. You can use both hands on the floor or go to your elbows to give the wrist a break. You should have contracted abs and relax your face and shoulders to help relieve any tension during rolling. From the hip area, very slowly roll up as the foam roller rolls down the leg just above the knee. Note any particularly painful, burning areas. These are usually areas where you want to spend extra time. Let the roller press into these areas for about 10-30 seconds, depending on your comfort level. Breathe deeply and slowly, relaxing your face and shoulders. Contract your abs for extra support. You can spend about 2-4 or more minutes rolling 1 side of the body, then move onto the next when you are ready.

If you have never foam rolled, it will most likely be very uncomfortable and painful. It can feel like a burning sensation. Be kind to yourself and start slow. You don’t have to sit on a particular area long. Keep rolling gently and slowly over the whole side of the let till you are ready to focus on one area. Be patient.

Got questions? Feel free to contact me holt.lana@gmail.com

October 14, 2012

How to Become an Aerobics Instructor. What Training Do You Need to Be a Group Exercise Instructor??

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Get Trained: How to Become a Fitness Instructor

If you have a passion for fitness and helping others, becoming a group fitness instructor may be for you. But, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out where to start.

Ask yourself what is your favorite class? That would be a good place to start. Find out if that type of class needs a specific type of training. For example, you have to take Zumba training to teach Zumba and you need to take Turbo Kick training to teach Turbo Kick.

After you find out if you need format specific training, you need to figure out where you want to teach. Some clubs require additional training for their instructors. For example, many clubs require what is called a national group exercise certification. This training deals with a lot of safety, anatomy, and fitness topics that are not covered in format specific training. 2 well known organization that do general group exercise certifications are AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, http://www.afaa.com/ ) and ACE (American Council on Exercise, http://www.acefitness.org/ ). There are lots of others. Find out what the facility that you want to train at prefers. Also, many facilities require CPR and AED training so that you can react in case of an emergency.

In addition, if it is allowed, you may want to shadow or be mentored by a seasoned instructor. Work with them one on one fine tuning your queuing, class formatting and maybe even teaching a part of their class to gain confidence.

Every club is different. So, it’s important to know what is required of you so you are prepared to start your fitness journey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me holt.lana@gmail.com

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